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sea is a fun simple CSS color system.

sea uses CSS variables

blood or bleed

Seas are full of life and death.

To apply sea colors...

Use blood for lit colors.

Use bleed for dim colors.

Color names
.sea-amber { --sea-oil: Coral; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-breeze { --sea-oil: Seashell; --sea-ink: #222 }
.sea-foam { --sea-oil: Turquoise; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-fume { --sea-oil: HotPink; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-glow { --sea-oil: Gold; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-gush { --sea-oil: Violet; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-lava { --sea-oil: RosyBrown; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-storm { --sea-oil: Gainsboro; --sea-ink: Black }
.sea-tide { --sea-oil: DeepSkyBlue; --sea-ink: Black }