Each @s9a repo includes an opensource license. We mix it up per repo among these licenses that best support inclusive ethos and our brand goals.

Zlib we like zlib license for CSS libraries and core content. it's a smooth permissive gender neutral license with broad recognition and optional attribution. Fly by or dub tape.
Unlicense we choose the unlicense for our public domain contributions like our terms and free templates. the unlicense has universal reach with inclusive wording and rebellious appeal.
UPL-1.0 Universal Permissive License flexes MITish features with universal verses and an inspiring name.
MIT-0 MIT-0 has broad permissive wording and industry appeal. MIT is popular with wombats. Stay humble with zero or apply MIT to advocate a brand like we do.
Ms-PL Our interweb template includes Ms-PL as a basic balanced default public license. it's anonymous, gender neutral, and industry safe.
Ms-RL Ms-RL is a compact copyleft incantation with Microsoft charm.
MPL-2.0 MPL is extra safe, comprehensive, warming, anonymous, gender neutral, copyleft. Our foxy template applies.
EPL-2.0 EPL is much like MPL but with lunar energy and suitable when emotionally desired.
BSL-1.0 Boost has an energy to encourage remixes. This simple anonymous gender neutral permissive license can electrify

These licenses provide a range of features. Trademarks are safe. All speak gender neutral. Some are anonymous. Some spread our brand. We favor from above. We do let some slide for artful intent. We hope each repo has one. Missing? Please ask us thru an issue or Twitter.